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  • As promised, Ladies Love Taildraggers will soon be awarding EVEN MORE flying scholarships.  Within the last 30 days we’ve awarded 6 scholarships to 6 very deserving ladies and, the good news is, 5 more are in the works. What? More Scholarships?

  • If GoPro can do it, you bet Ladies Love Taildraggers can too! Welcome to the LLT competition for best self-isolation video. What is a self-isolation video you ask? It’s whatever you want it to be! Use your smart phone or camera to create a quic

  • What a fantastic community this is. When I requested a few pictures, you came through for me. I was looking for fun pictures to post as header shots in our Ladies Love Taildraggers’ Facebook and you submitted enough for headers —- and a g

  • Hey ladies, I’m here today with three big requests and you have the power to respond. LadiesLoveTaildraggers is evolving and has experienced positive changes in recent months. We now have an updated website with new user capabilities and are no

  • Hey Coronavirus, I’m not dead yet. Yes you, COVID-19. You’re trying your best to shut us all down but I’m still here. What’s up with curtailing our social lives, our time with our families and friends? What, no more theater mo

  • I always look forward to this time of year because announcing our scholarship winners is such a joy! Applicants spend the months of January & February writing, editing, tweaking, then finally submitting their scholarship applications. Then the ev



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Lisa Kienholz

“The Ladies Love Taildraggers website and Facebook page kept me going whilst I was working on my tailwheel endorsement in my Luscombe.  I had just earned my Private Pilot’s License when my mother and brother both took ill. Reading the posts was the encouragement I needed to keep at it.   It is so great to share flying adventures with like minded ladies!” Lisa Kienholz, Luscombe 8E, N2660K

Katie Pribyl

“I love how Ladies Love Taildraggers brings together accomplished, novice and even aspiring female taildragger pilots. We all have something to learn from and share with one another. This truly is a special group and I’m so honored to be a part of it.” Katie Pribyl, Cessna 180, N7622A

Debbie Cheney

“Thank you for all you do for women in aviation. You are an inspiration for us all!!” Debbie Cheney

Arty Trost

“I really enjoy the website. Reading about other female pilots, the ability to find places to stay – and new friends – when traveling via my own taildragger…it’s a great website. The website speaks for itself!”Arty Trost, Talon Typhoon, Oregon

Andrea Eldridge

“Thank you, Judy Birchler, for creating a haven which asks nothing from its members but that you support and celebrate your fellow lady tailwheel pilots! Who wouldn’t want to be a part of that group?!”  Andrea Eldridge, California

Theresa Berthelsdorf

 “I wish this site had been around back in the 80s and 90s when I was flying. It was hard to find other lady taildragger pilots and stay connected. Ladies Love Taildraggers is a fun and vibrant group, and even though I don’t fly any longer, I support their mission wholeheartedly!”  Theresa Berthelsdorf, N89658

Nancy Pierce

“This is a terrific group of ladies.  I so enjoy keeping up on FaceBook and am appreciative of the support given to old, new and aspiring pilots. I REALLY love my taildragger.” Nancy Pierce, Midget Mustang

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