Summer Martell

Hey, a quick note from Summer Martell and a “commute to work” picture!  Summer was, and still is, the envy of many pilots for flying her Student Prince biplane 3,400 miles RT to our Lady Taildraggers flyin last year!

Commuting to work in the Puget Sound in my “modern” airplane. A 1946 Cessna 120. All the amenities, an electric starter, lights, radios, a heater and a roof!

Summer Martell

Summer's '46 C120 .... and take a look at the backdrop(s). Mt Rainier and DC 3!

Here’s Summer’s other love, her 1931 Student Prince.

And the "not so modern" airplane, the Student Prince.

Over the Cascades with blue skies and a tailwind!

The Mighty Rockies. Rocky Mountain Montana!

Happy New Year my dear sky sisters and blue skies to you and yours in 2012. Summer Martell

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  • Robin McNamara
    Posted at 00:11h, 03 May Reply

    Hi Summer,
    I’ve looked for you for a few years now since I moved back West. I met you many years ago, probably in Washington state. I probably had a Jungmeister at the time and was married to Jordie Carlson from Grande Prairie Alberta. This was a heck of a long time ago, say 25 years. My dog, Lindy met you too, I think.
    I am now flying out of Delta Heritage Airpark near Vancouver, BC.
    Glad to hear that you still have the Prince.
    I fly a Champ that I just restored with my 89 year old buddy.
    Robin McNamara

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