1st Lady taildragger pilot arrives for LLT Flying Tour!

There’s no stopping us now. Sunday may be the official start of our LadiesLoveTaildraggers Haunted Flying Tour but when Hella Comat taxied up in her Pitts today at my home base, KMQJ, our Flying Tour was finally real. Months of planning now behind us, the very first lady taildragger pilot arrived in style -  in a shiny red, single seat Pitts S-1T biplane. Who knew which of us was happier, Hella flying from Waterloo-Wellington Airport in Ontario, Canada, or me, happily zooming up to greet her in the old airport golf cart?!

Hella Comat in her Pitts S-1T on the ramp at MQJ

Hella, in good company and color coordinated alongside Mario Andretti’s N500MA. Mario was nowhere to be found but never miss a great photo op. 🙂

Every good Pitts deserves a little bling! Hella’s sexy stilettos, the first of many we expect to see this week. “There’s always rooms for another pair of shoes”, although helping Hella unpack her little bird, I can tell you they were the last possible thing to fit in.

And from Kelly Jeffries, Poplar Grove, Illinois:

I’m packing for the trip.

And from lady pilot, Nina Marousek, in eastern New York:

“Well, Wx watching is over—there’s enough warm, clear, dry weather to call this trip a GO. Packing is almost complete. The LLT fly-in route begins in Indianapolis and ends in Sweetwater Texas. Judy Birchler, (architect and manager of LLT, Ladies Love Taildraggers) has set up a chat room and planes are now on the move. So far we have a Supercub on the move from CA, a Scout from Idaho and soon a Vans RV6 from Wisconsin. There are others on the move and many more set to launch over the next few days. Expecting 30+ planes, all piloted by lady pilots. Bluebird and her lady pilot will be on the move tomorrow (Saturday) morning!”

And from Lisa Allen making her way to Indiana from California:
“Didn’t quite get as far as I wanted today due to weather, but did find a cool pair of heels at a secondhand store in Cody, WY.”

Yep, right on top of the tire. I like!!

There’s still time to join us. Check it out at Ladies Love Taildraggers Haunted Flying Tour Info

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