1st Solo for Madeline Norcross!

Great news everybody, 16 year old Madeline Norcross from Missouri soloed this week! Madeline’s passionate about flying and has been waiting for the “Big 16” to get here so she can solo. Thanks to a very happy dad for sending us the good news and congratulations to Madeline for a job well done.

Madeline Norcross 1st solo closeup

“As a VERY proud dad, I wanted to share with you that Madeline soloed on Monday!!! She did a great job and was SUPER excited!!  Her plans include finishing her private’s license, getting her tail wheel endorsement, and owning that UPF Waco.”

Madeline Norcross 1st solo pilots seatMadeline Norcross 1st soloBlue Skies,
Proud Dad Tracy Norcross

For more about Madeline’s passion for flying check out the following:

Getting close to soloing

Madeline Norcross (Missouri)

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