2011 Marion Fly-in/Cruise-in a success

Wow, I haven’t figured out how it’s even possible but I’ve just spent the last 24 hours happy as heck, melting at near 100 degree temperatures. Must have something to do with talking flying & taildraggers nearly non-stop at the Marion Fly-in/Cruise-In. Laura Stants and her daughter Kaylee flew in Friday evening, hung out a while and joined us for the fish & tenderloin dinner.

Laura's a CFI/II/MEI so Kaylee got to fly them over and only needed a little help from mom landing the Citabria

Now I think a Citabria’s a pretty great way to get around but Laura always seems to have another aircraft or two up her sleeve :). How about arriving in a T-6!

People seem to take notice when she taxis up in the T6 and hops out!Â

Mike & Sherry Finney built this gorgeous, scratch built J3 experimental clip wing Cub.

Sherry Finney

Kathy & Wayne Norris came in Saturday in their Mustang II.

Judy & Kathy Norris

Ray & Judy Johnson who host the fly-in are Pulse owners and enthusiasts and there’s always a big gathering of  Pulse autocycles. If you think a Pulse resembles an airplane there’s a good reason. It was designed by Jim Bede who’s also designed 18 aircraft including the piston-engined BD-5 pusher and BD-5J mini-jet.

I met Jim Bede at the fly-in

I want to say this next picture is of Linda “taxiing” her Pulse and have to remind myself, “no, she’s driving it”!

Linda Furgason in her "Pulse" Autocycle

I was tickled that Sandy from Cleveland flew her Grumman Cheetah over, a 1:42 minute flight. She showed me her Jeppesen flight planning chart which estimated her time en route at 1:41 minutes and were both pretty impressed it only missed it by one minute. I met Sandy at our lady taildraggers flyin a few weeks ago and know it’s just a matter of time before I catch her flying a taildragger!

Sandy caught up with me for a late lunch in Ray & Judy Johnson's hangar. Did I mention Judy made LOTS of beautiful and delicious homemade pies for their lunch time hangar party. Oooooh, this is a part of "flying" I really love!!

Friends Sue Sears and Esther Wyandt popped in from Indy and it was great to see them. They may not be tailwheel fans but are pretty incredible just the same.  Both single gals have owned their aircrafts for years – Sue’s had her Beech Musketeer since the late ’70s and Esther a Cherokee 180 since 1967.

Ester and Sue getting ready to head back to Indy Executive Airport

Ray Johnson did a little interview with the lady taildraggers at the fly-in. Here’s Kathy Norris, Laura Stants, Ray and me trying to find some shade in front of a Yak on display.

I was so happy to get to share the lady taildraggers interview with Kathy & Laura! Pretty fun.

I was happy to see Dale & Marie Dolby’s J-5A, one of 400 still in existence and such a beautiful piece of history.

1941 C85, J-5A

And lastly, because it was a fly-in/drive-in I have to show you this tiny little 300cc, 14 hp, single cylinder 1958 Isetta.

A 1958 Isetta!!Â

Can’t you just see yourself driving this around the airport – instead of a golf cart?! 🙂

  • Kathie
    Posted at 18:13h, 08 September Reply

    Looks like so much fun! The only thing better than a lady taildragger is a young lady taildragger!

  • Lisa Martin
    Posted at 08:52h, 06 September Reply

    Great weekend. Got lots of aircraft variety there. Love the little car at the end! I didn’t get my feet off the ground this weekend, but I did get up above 10,500′ any way!

  • Anne Wright
    Posted at 09:25h, 05 September Reply

    So glad you had a good time, Judy! I stayed home in the AC for two days – way too hot for me to camp out and have a good time.

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