2013 LadiesLoveTaildraggers Fly-in Tshirt Order Form

It’s the year of the FUNK and time to order your “Lady Taildraggers Fly-in” t-shirts. Pre-sale only. “Thank you” to Kelly Jeffries for overseeing the tshirt design and artwork and getting things rolling. And yes, they aren’t white – I heard you and we’re finally getting colored thsirts for the ladies! Guys, you’re gonna be white this year. I know this is a convoluted way to get the job done but you must fill out this short form THEN go to Paypal and make the payment. Don’t want to use PayPal? Please fill out the form and send your personal check made out to “Judy Birchler”. Mail to 7231 Elm Ridge Dr., Indianapolis, IN 46236.

Tshirts Tennessee-Fly close up

Don’t forget to Register to attend the fly-in also! Fly-in Registration

Savannah, TN Lady Taildraggers Fly-In Tshirts! Ladies in Light Yellow, Men’s in White

Tshirts Tennessee-Fly-In Men and Womens

You can also order our new colored “Logo” LadiesLoveTaildragger Tshirts; Ladies in Light Blue, Men’s in Grey

Tshirts Ladies and Mens 2

Tshirts Ladies and Mens 3

Tshirts Ladies and Mens both

FYI, if you’re not attending the fly-in and want tshirts mailed, you will receive them late May.

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