Christina Tindle invites all women pilots to the 2015 WOMAN WISE AIRMANSHIP ADVENTURE

“Flourishing in Aviation through Wonder”

July 16 – 19, 2015


Women pilots don’t shrink to fit. Participants discover personalized Wright Stuff from a refreshing new spirit of aviation. WWAA is a form-fitting airmanship for women pilots to advance female air skills…and fun. Savor aviation-theme art lessons, massage, delicious food, music, hiking, kayaking, and paddle boarding in the “Little Alps” of Idaho while raising awareness to heights not experienced before. Struggles that historically discouraged women from flying actually affirm women’s strengths. This symposiums debunks top myths about women aviators by exposing the vital role, passion, and purpose women play aloft. Pilots will deliberate the aviation culture, learned optimism, standing for something, personal mission statements, female leadership, the upside of negative emotions, befriending fear through wonder, bliss-tolerance, fast confidence, and life-thriving “attitools” (attitude + tools) that elevate happiness. Presentations dovetail into a refreshing Woman Wise Airmanship Model that honor aviatrix in top gun glory, regardless of hours, ratings, or career. Experience a positive attitude shift necessary to unlock Wright Stuff resilience.


Obstacle illusions fade with new insights garnered from afternoon presentations and a variety of morning flight instruction. Exposure to optional backcountry aviation, paragliding, emergency maneuver training, tailwheel checkout, density altitude coaching, mountain checkouts, and possible gyro instruction reboot pluck and joy in this feel-good atmosphere created by a woman pilot for aviatrix. Guest speakers contribute further views for heady and heart-felt considerations.

Group accommodations at Smiley Creek Lodge, tee-pees, and cabins offer restaurant, bar, and gift shop. Free luxurious camping at Smiley Creek airstrip, located across the street from the lodge, comes with grassy plots, bathhouse, hot showers, and toilets. A group celebration at Red Fish Lake concludes the symposium with networking and water fun.

Own your femaleness AND your love of flight. Women thrive in aviation when the Wright Stuff is right for them. Christina specializes in thriving in life using an evidence-based positive approach that advances confidence immediately through wonder, adventure, and thrive training laced with Olympic mental techniques to create the winning platform for the Woman Wise Airmanship Adventure.

For information/reservations backcountryflygirl@gmail.com. See www.christinatindle.com for brochure or email LadyTaildraggers@gmail.com.

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