It’s going to be hard to top Day 1!

It’s going to be hard to top Day 1 of our USA perimeter flight, but we’re going to try our best. Niagara Falls was today’s destination, and although the low ceilings hang on longer than predicted, blue skies finally won the day.

America here we come. Northeast bound and happy!

Barely up an hour and already grounded from low ceilings. Bowling Green, Ohio turned out to be a college town with an aviation program, and they grow their pilots BIG here. Loved this fun guy.

We laughed out loud when we happened across Bill Tracy in his Supercub south of Cleveland.

Coming around the southeast shore of Lake Erie after wx cleared.

Flying a narrow line over downtown Buffalo.

Final into Niagara Falls 4:45 pm.

A Bonanza pilot having a really bad day. (At the FBO at Niagara. Happened a couple weeks ago and still there)

It was hard to miss taxiing up beside it on the ramp

They said the pilot got distracted entering info into ipad and didn’t realize his aircraft was moving.

US and Canadian Falls.

What’s for dinner honey?!! Food truck Indian curry. Yummy!

What an awesome sight. Fireworks over the Falls from our shocking bargain last minute deal. A room with a serious view!

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