Day 4, Haunted Flying Tour

Our 80 year old guide at the Stephenville Historical Museum came in special to lead our tour today. What a surprise when he brought his own logbook to show us. How cool is that?! He was fantastic, a great storyteller and topped the freakiest scary story I’d heard on this tour yet.

It’s Wednesday night of our Ladies Love Taildraggers Haunted Flying Tour and we are overnight in western Texas in the town of Big Spring. At this point we have met up with 23 pilots and their birds, although some have come and gone along the way. If my count is right, we are 18 airplanes tonight!
We had a spectacular time in Stephenville thanks to the awesome tour we had of the Stephenville Historical Museum and the famous Hard Eight BBQ, which our group “really bit into!”

The Museum includes several buildings saved from the wrecking crew and is a must see if you happen to visit.
This triple slaying story kept us guessing till the frightful end.

People come for miles to eat at Hard Eight BBQ so we fit right in with the crowd.

Stephenville to Big Spring, TX is 170 nm and is an interesting flight, even when there aren’t 17 airplanes in your gaggle.

Our trademark is working for us! Here you see Martha Horvitz’s red hot stilettos atop the cowl of her Supercub.

Woohoo, Val Slocum posing in her pretty pinkies!

HOT stuff!

Many thanks to Col. Jim Little for arranging for pilots from the First Baptist Church of Big Spring to transport us in their buses while we’re here. Thank you First Baptist Church!

Check in at the famous Settles Hotel was easy and our accommodations downright fabulous.

The Settles Hotel is an historic property recently refurbished to the tune of 30 million. It’s a glistening example of historic preservation at its best.

Our group of 28 seemed to be having a fine time tonight.

You know you’re in Texas when artwork everywhere has this common  theme!

Sorry for this condensed version of today. Truth is, I thought I lost my laptop and am madly cranking this out on my tiny android phone. Excuse all the typeos! Thank heaven I just got word from one of our campers they can see my AOPA bag with my laptop in it hiding in my Decathlon! I’m lost without it!

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