5 Airports in 10 Days Halloween Flying Challenge!


OK people, are you up for some Halloween flying fun?! Dan Wilkins, my friend with the fantabulous black and orange, albeit Halloween colored Waco UPF-7, has challenged everyone …. and that means either sex …. to a Halloween Flying Challenge.

Halloween Flying Challenge?? I’m in!! Here’s the deal according to Dan.



Dan Wilkins 5 Airports in 10 Days Halloween Challenge!

“I challenge Judy to land at five different airfields in the next ten days and I challenge everyone else to do the same. Judy, please post pictures showing you and your plane at each of five airfields. You may use your home field as one of the five if you are in a pinch. To Judy and all, please challenge at least one other pilot to complete the “Five in Ten Halloween Challenge”.  Send your pictures to Judy for posting of your completed task. If you start now you get two extra days to fly! All pictures must be sent to Judy by Halloween, Monday, October 31, 2016, the sooner the better so she can start showing them off. Send to LadyTaildraggers@gmail.com. Enjoy!”

Cool. Very cool Dan. OK people, if this is going to be an organized Challenge, your pictures have to come to me, not posted straight on Twitter or Facebook. Email all 5 pictures to LadyTaildraggers@gmail.com, list your name, aircraft, the airports where you land and the state they are located. Taildragger pilots – let’s hear from you!

Awesome and very timely Dan. 🙂

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