Sarah Shrader (Wisconsin)

Sarah Shrader is based at KRHI, Rhinelander-Oneida County Airport, Rhinelander, Wisconsin.

For some unknown reason, I developed a severe fear/phobia of flying as an adult. It was affecting my life in numerous negative ways and became something I needed to address. I tried a Fear of Flying program (SOAR). It helped but not enough. All of the people, places & situations aligned and I found a local flight instructor willing to try to help me. “I’m not a psychologist. I teach people how to fly. But if you’re willing to try, I’m willing to try.” That first meeting was November, 2014.

After many intense hours (read here, “lots and lots of crying”) 🙂 I soloed in June 2015 and got my PPL in December 2015. This past October, I bought my own airplane, a taildragger. She’s a 1941 Piper J4 Cub Coupe named Marvel. I helped with her annual and all of maintenance that comes along with an old bird, learning, learning, learning. What a glorious journey this is!!

Ratings: Private Pilot SEL with High Performance, Complex and TW

Aircraft flown: C172, C182, J4

Dream taildragger: Oh, there’s so many I need to try first! 🙂

Thoughts on taildragging: I feel as if flying taildraggers will forever be a challenge, therefore making me a better pilot.

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