This blog isn’t about sitting on the ground dreaming about flying. It’s about empowering women to live their dream of flying a taildragger – just for the fun of it! We introduce ladies to aviation and encourage women to join the wonderful world of conventional gear aircraft. Ladies, membership is free. Please join us! Our Mission
Our Mission To encourage women everywhere to have fun flying taildraggers! Our Mission To encourage women everywhere to have fun flying taildraggers! Our Mission To encourage women everywhere to have fun flying taildraggers! Our Mission To encourage women everywhere to have fun flying taildraggers! Our Mission To encourage women everywhere to have fun flying taildraggers! Our Mission To encourage women everywhere to have fun flying taildraggers! Our Mission To encourage women everywhere to have fun flying taildraggers! Our Mission To encourage women everywhere to have fun flying taildraggers! Our Mission To encourage women everywhere to have fun flying taildraggers!

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Interrupting the Red Plane content to bring you my neighbor’s beautiful J3 ...

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When you're sorting through all of the pictures from #beechparty & discover you were photobombed by a Staggerwing... I could not feel more flattered right now!!
Not to mention capturing a V-Tail from it's best angle ☺️😍😎

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Today I hit a milestone! Officially 500 hours in my logbook 🤩💕
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Took this 1947 class to the glitz and glam of 2021. #AbigailTheSuperCruiser takes #LasVegas with me for the sws99s Fall Section Meeting, hosted by lvv99s. This weekend has been amazing; I absolutely adore these #WomenPilots and this organization. So blessed to experience what I do with them and am in constant awe of the company I keep. More to come from the weekend.
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Oshkosh reflections, part II

Our flight into OSH started early, with a pilot briefing and practice flight in Watertown, WI. 25 Stinsons flew in as a semi organized group.

My dad had never flown the FISK approach before, and wasn’t sure what to expect. This was my third time (although my first as PIC). For how chaotic it can be, it wasn’t too bad this year.

We were number 7 or 8 in the flight, and followed a tricolor Stinson. Tower cleared us to land on 36 Left for the Yellow Dot, and while some of us (myself included 🤦🏼‍♀️) were a bit long, we all made it down safely and without incident.

My dad and I split time on the journey to OSH. Technically, it was his leg to fly, but he decided that I’d be the one to fly into OSH.

Flying to OSH with my dad in the Red Plane is one of the coolest things I’ve done so far in my flying career.

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Somewhere over eastern Montana- getting closer and closer to OSH! ...

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Only a few more days until we leave in the Stinson for #OSH21! Who else is going? ...

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Getting Grace ready to go fly the Stearman

📸: nw_related

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We had the great pleasure of having a great photographer, Anthony Cruz, take some pictures of us and C180JL while on the playa last weekend! Was a pleasure to finally meet him 💕. photogp80 ...

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Sometimes I like to fly faster planes aswell as cubs. Any guesses to what this plane is? 💁‍♀️
🤫 hint: it’s experimental 😉

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My Papa. My first airplane ride was sitting on the smoker in his spray plane when I was 7 years old (As you may have read recently in Canadian Aviator Magazine😊). Adventure is his middle name. ...

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When I first wanted to learn to fly ✈️ I was 14 and I decided it was only going to be for fun and I was going to purse a career in sport 🏃‍♀️of some kind. That all changed on my 16th birthday when I earned my Recreational Pilot License👩‍✈️Something clicked and I realised this was something I wanted to do every single day ☀️ -
It was then that I decided I wanted to be a commercial pilot👩‍✈️It was then I decided I would go to uni to get a degree to have extra skills 📚 I am now on track to graduate at the end of the year with a Bachelor of Business 👩‍🎓and I could not be more excited to start looking for full time flying employment. Obviously these are challenging times and who knows what jobs will be out there. But I am so excited and grateful for the journey I am on 💜 -
Are you currently working towards a goal and has it been affected by COVID-19?

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My kind of fun. 🤗❤️🐻 Enjoying a few extra days playing at home, working on my Tailwheel Flying (still a lot to learn) and got my little pit bike out... This was my 1st bike Dad got me when I was in Middle school, after a little TLC it’s running great and just as fun. .
#hangarhome #tailwheel #cubflying #womeninaviation #alwayslearning #ladieslovetaildraggers #stickandrudder #funflying #j3 #pipercub #pitbike #femalepilot #lifeiswhatyoumakeit #gratefuleveryday #optoutside #freshair #thesimplethings #flywithaopa #whyifly #pocketfullofsunshine

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Great day for some taildragger training! ...

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As part of my time spent south of the 49th parallel I will be spending 5 days in San Antonio to complete my tailwheel endorsement. So grateful to have been chosen as a recipient of the Ladies Love Taildraggers award and can't wait to pay it forward one day when I'm able. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
I'll be staying with a lovely woman named Dianne who is a CFI and has volunteered her time and airplane to support women in aviation. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
Can't wait to meet Dianne, Learn about tailwheel aircraft and venture through the great state of Texas. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
Keep posted on the next 2 weeks because they will be adventure packed.

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Lisa Kienholz

“The Ladies Love Taildraggers website and Facebook page kept me going whilst I was working on my tailwheel endorsement in my Luscombe.  I had just earned my Private Pilot’s License when my mother and brother both took ill. Reading the posts was the encouragement I needed to keep at it.   It is so great to share flying adventures with like minded ladies!” Lisa Kienholz, Luscombe 8E, N2660K

Katie Pribyl

“I love how Ladies Love Taildraggers brings together accomplished, novice and even aspiring female taildragger pilots. We all have something to learn from and share with one another. This truly is a special group and I’m so honored to be a part of it.” Katie Pribyl, Cessna 180, N7622A

Debbie Cheney

“Thank you for all you do for women in aviation. You are an inspiration for us all!!” Debbie Cheney

Arty Trost

“I really enjoy the website. Reading about other female pilots, the ability to find places to stay – and new friends – when traveling via my own taildragger…it’s a great website. The website speaks for itself!”Arty Trost, Talon Typhoon, Oregon

Andrea Eldridge

“Thank you, Judy Birchler, for creating a haven which asks nothing from its members but that you support and celebrate your fellow lady tailwheel pilots! Who wouldn’t want to be a part of that group?!”  Andrea Eldridge, California

Theresa Berthelsdorf

 “I wish this site had been around back in the 80s and 90s when I was flying. It was hard to find other lady taildragger pilots and stay connected. Ladies Love Taildraggers is a fun and vibrant group, and even though I don’t fly any longer, I support their mission wholeheartedly!”  Theresa Berthelsdorf, N89658

Nancy Pierce

“This is a terrific group of ladies.  I so enjoy keeping up on FaceBook and am appreciative of the support given to old, new and aspiring pilots. I REALLY love my taildragger.” Nancy Pierce, Midget Mustang

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