A Brand New Private Pilot: Cammi Benson!

Woohoo!! A private pilot is born!

Cammi Benson

Cammi Benson, Oregon

Cammi Benson, who started flying in a Cessna 140 when she was only 15, now has more than a Tailwheel Endorsment. Cammi passed her checkride with flying colors on July 25 and is now a Private Pilot. Cammi has a well-rounded logbook. She’s also flown helicopters, aerobatic airplanes, sailplanes and even jets. That’s one Benson down and one to go. Cammi’s mom, Julie, is also an LLT member and will be taking her checkride soon.

Cammi Benson July 2015 flying closeupCammi Benson July 2015 flying

The Bensons are responsible for the new look and friendly atmosphere at the Sisters Eagle Airport (6K5) in Sisters, Oregon. It’s also the home of Tailwheel Town, where LLT Scholarship winners go to get a Tailwheel Endorsement or Stick and Rudder Master Class.

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