A Perfect Evening to Fly!

Sure was a beautiful evening to fly in Indy tonight. Promptly at 5:30 I left my downtown office and couldn’t wait to get to the airport for some special ME time! IMG_3576Somewhere between downtown Indy and KMQJ I recalled I’m doggie sitting and there’s a pooch at my house anxiously awaiting my arrival. OMG, change of plans and I head home to grab the “Bear”. He’s been “holding it” for 10 hours, more than any doggie deserves. Surely he’ll be good for an airport adventure after a quick inspection of every bush in my yard? Option 1: Stay home with the dog. Option 2: The dog goes to the airport. You guessed it – Option 2! IMG_3563After a stroll around the airport visiting a few open hangars with the Bear, he didn’t seem to mind a bit when I tied him next to my hangar gas grill and pulled the Rans out and fired it up. No way in a lightweight tandem taildragger to take a “Bear” along. And funny how it was sunny as ever when I was leaving my office and now that I’m taxiing out all I can see are clouds.

IMG_3572No sunshine turns out to be no problem. It’s smooth as glass under the cloud cover and I head for the closest grass strip hoping to find somebody … anybody… to give an S7 sunset ride to. Guess it wasn’t meant to be. Six takeoffs and landings on the grass strip and not a sole in sight. Somebody missed out on a perfect evening to fly!


I have to say, we may not have mountains or oceans in Indiana but on an evening like tonight it’s the most beautiful place in the world. IMG_3571

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