Update on “A postcard for O.K. Woodfin!”

Here’s an update on the “Postcard Contest” for Mr. O.K. (Ken) Woodfin, a WWII veteran who resides in an assisted living facility in Tennessee.  Thanks Rhonda – we were all rooting for him. Give him our best!!

“The official end is Monday but it’s obvious that he is the winner in many categories.  He has more than any, the most unusual (one from the North Pole signed by Santa), and the most from out of the US.  I am attaching a picture of Ken with some of his cards.  I’ll let you know the official word when we get it.  The picture just shows some of the ones that he has gotten.  Thank you again for all your help.  He is overwhelmed.”  Rhonda Miles

O.K. Woodfin (Ken) with some of his postcards!


Posted July 20, 2010

This was sent in by Rhonda Miles, lady taildragger from Tennessee.  Hope you all take a minute to send O.K. Woodfin a postcard.  Forward to all your friends, too.  What a great way to honor a veteran aviator.  I’ll be looking for a B-29 postcard at Oshkosh to mail him!!

“I was wondering if I could get the Ladies Love Taildraggers to help with something.

My father (46 yrs as a cropduster) has a 91 year old friend in an Assisted Living Facility.  This man was flying a B-29 on a recon mission and had just crossed land heading out over the water, when the left gunner hollered about an explosion.  Ken turned the B-29 and witnessed the Atomic Bomb Blast of Hiroshima.  Then their plane was hit with a shockwave from 50 miles out.  What this man has seen in his life is amazing !!

The Assisted Living Facility is having a contest to see how many postcards their occupants can receive.  There is also a prize for how far away.  I would love to see my fellow members take a minute to send a postcard from where ever they are.  The end date is August 31st.

His address is:

O.K. (Ken) Woodfin
c/o Valley View Assisted Living
101  N. Maple St.
Whitwell, TN   37397


Thanks for your help.”
Rhonda Miles

  • Linda Melhoff
    Posted at 23:52h, 30 July Reply

    We have several WWII buffs at our airport. Of course, I will a postcard but I think we can get quite a few from Oregon. What a fun idea!

  • Susan
    Posted at 23:01h, 20 July Reply

    Oooh! I actually have a postcard of my RNF I’ll have to send!! Will find lots of others too!!! Great idea!


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