A Sunny Cubbin’ Kind of Day!

Thank you Vanessa Jump Nelson for sharing such a fun day with us all!

Oregon LLT’s, having a sunny Cubbin’ kind of day!

Vanessa Jump Nelson 3My Cub (Tumbleweed), had a playdate with her fellow Cub (Gladys) recently. My husband and I flew from our home airport of Twin Oaks Airpark (7S3) to Lebanon, Oregon (S30) for breakfast where we rendezvoused with the other Cub (Gladys), two Cherokees, and an RV, all from Lenhardt’s Airhaven (7S9).

Vanessa Jump Nelson 2

My fellow LLT’er Linda Melhoff was piloting Gladys, with her husband Rich.  There are three courtesy cars at Lebanair, which is a good thing, as we had 10 fly-folk to drive to the American Legion breakfast in town, so we took a van and a car.

Vanessa Jump Nelson

On the way back north up the Willamette Valley, we in the Cub entourage got pictures of each other flying, and I actually made a little video of what it looked like watching Gladys out the window of Tumbleweed. Similarly, Linda sent us some still photos of what Tumbleweed looked like from Gladys.  Enjoy!

Vanessa Nelson
J3 Cub Driver, Twin Oaks Airpark, Oregon

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