A Year of Beauty from my Cockpit

Many thanks to C140 owner Beth King for sending her inspirational flying update. Take note ladies, a desire to fly and a commitment to follow through laid the groundwork for an awesome year of taildragging!

Beth King flying her Cessna 140A

From Beth King:

Hello fellow flying friends!  This year has been the year of beauty as seen from my cockpit. I made a commitment to myself to get out and fly my C140A, Dottie, to as many aviation events as possible and give plane rides to anyone interested.  It has been wonderful!

Ohio River Sunset from my C140

Mother Nature in the  Midwest has brought it all …. snow, pouring rain, and now the scorching sun, but it’s all part of the fun of flying a little Taildragger. 

Some of my favorite flying adventures are because of the wonderful people I met along the way! For me, Oshkosh is my favorite week of the year and this was my fourth time flying in.  Traveling with my best friend and fellow LLT, Lauren Settles, I chased after her slightly faster C120 Experimental and we made our way … low and slow to OSH. 

Lauren Settles (left), Beth King (right)

It was great to meet other LLT members.  This summer has been full of events and trips every weekend.

There were a few 99’s meetings/gatherings,  Rough River State Park (Kentucky) for picnics by the lake and breakfasts, Lee Bottom Aviation Refuge (Indiana), Dale Hollow Lake (Tennessee), and most recently a Bluegrass Music Festival fly-in/camp out in Huntington, West Virginia.

Hatz biplane aerobatic ride!

A generous pilot gave me and others our first acrobatic rides in his Hatz biplane. It was AWESOME! I was smiling the whole time! LOL

I get asked all the time if I give tailwheel flight lessons, so I’m starting to work on my CFI to help others know the joy of Taildraggers.


Fly safe and have fun, ladies!

Beth King
Cessna 140A
KLOU, Bowman Field Airport, Louisville, Kentucky

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