Aeronca Champ Flying in the UK!!

I was happy to hear from one of our UK ladies this week. You may remember Nic Orchard who is based at Maypole (EGHB) United Kingdom and flies her much loved ’46 7BC Champ. This is the same Nic who temporarily outfitted herself with a Jodel to fly (named “Temporary Champ”) after an engine failure forced her to make a dead-stick landing in a cow-patch. Insurance totaled the aircraft. She bought it back, it was restored and has been flying ever since. I’d say ‘flying In style’ by the looks of this update! Nic reports…

“Aeronca owners may have seen the original promotional film that shows the ‘gals’ flying their Champ to Middletown, Ohio to view the factory. It’s a super piece of history. My version…”

Nic Orchard 2014b

 “Some time back, I suggested a fly-out to some people over here, with the theme of dressing to fit the aeroplane when new.  I was hoping to see dirndl skirts for the fifties Jodels and lots of 60s outfits, given the preponderance of Cessnas and the like, but the weather pushed the event back twice and by the third date, there weren’t many left.  So it’ll have to be resurrected in due course. Anyway, only slightly out of phase, my Rosie-the-Riveter look.”

Nic Orchard 2014

“My more talented sister made the outfits.”



“In this picture, the lipstick on the spinner is telling…I am one of those who does that, but never normally wearing lipstick.”

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“Dirndl skirt”? Google to the rescue. So that’s what they’re called.
I’m way more impressed (horrified) by the tiny waists pictured than the dirndl skirts!

Vintage 1945

Vintage 1945

durndel skirtsI’d love to see the old Aeronca promotional video Nic mentions of the ladies flying to the factory. Somebody please send me the link if you find it!

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