Aileen Hummel (Texas)

Aileen Hummel is based at T67, Hicks Airfield, Fort Worth, Texas.

Marti, Melissa & Aileen

I do not own a taildragger but would like to have one of my own someday. However, I do have a Piper Cherokee Arrow which is hangared at Hicks Airfield (T67) Fort Worth, TX.  I started flying lessons in 1995 and now have my single and multi-engine commercial ratings with instrument privileges.  In December, 2010, I got my taildragger endorsement in a Maule and occasionally fly with Alex Whitmore (Marti’s husband) in his Super Cub.  My goal is to eventually fly the warbirds someday.


The Ladies Love Taildragger Fly-In at KSNH was our first and did we have fun!!  Marti Whitmore and I flew in her Luscombe from Denton, TX and have enjoyed your wonderful Southern hospitality and friendship.  Thank you Judy, Montill, and all the ladies for welcoming us so warmly.

Marti Whitmore & Aileen Hummel arriving at the KSNH Flyin

We hope to attend more of your events in the future!

Aileen Hummel

Fort Worth, Texas



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