Airport Restaurants Rock!

Within the first 8 days of our USA perimeter flight, tropical storm Alberto kicked our butts and played havoc with the entire Eastern Seaboard. Low ceilings and rain showers have firmly planted our RV-7 on the tarmac at Newport News/Williamsburg Airport for 5 days. All that free time has left Boyd and I doing the unheard of – exploring local airports by CAR!  We were happily surprised at yesterday’s visit to KJGG, Williamsburg-Jamestown Airport, Williamsburg, Virginia.

The FBO building hosts Charly’s Airport Restaurant, favored by lunchtime locals and flyers as well. At 11 when we arrived, I was surprised to step right into Charly’s through the door to the tarmac and runway.
Not a customer in sight at that moment but the staff promised a crowd would arrive soon. That turned out to be right on!

With our rental car, we could have driven anywhere for lunch but, with pilots milling all around, and homemade everything on the menu, no way were we missing out.

This is a great stop for cross country fliers. Check it out!

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