AirVenture 2013 is in the history books!

The week of AirVenture is all but over now. True, there will be hundreds of wonderful volunteers working into the night for days to come, but for most, AirVenture is in the history books. Personally, mine are GREAT memories but time to let it go and cut the wrist band loose. A week ago, I remember cringing at the $119 price for the week but can’t image now what my problem was.
IMG_4096Thank you, Alina Davis, from Rocky Mountain Kitplanes Inc. (Utah) for running up and introducing yourself just before I departed. Alina is a Rans S7 dealer and is in the process of building her own S7S back in Fairfield, UT. Alina flew an S7S to OSH from Utah!
IMG_4069I did most of the things you’re supposed to do at OSH …. like Ardy & Ed’s Ice Cream….
Arty & Ed's
And debated doing some things you’re probably not supposed to do…. like getting a tattoo!
I could have stayed longer but have to say I was looking forward to getting in the air again and the flight home. It was a perfect flight back to Indy taking my new favorite route, the Lake Michigan shore line!!


I hope you were one of the lucky people able to attend AirVenture 2013. If not, it’s never too early to start planning for 2014!

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