AirVenture, OSH Tower Feed Link & VFR arrival videos

AirVenture is one short week away kicking off on July 23 at Oshkosh, Wisconsin. My plan (but I’m flexible) is to arrive the day before it officially begins and stay for the week. I’m flying up solo, a big adventure, and I’m already second guessing whether I’ll be hitting Ripon at the same moment a dozen other airplanes do too. It happens. I’ve been in the mix of it several times over the years and it can get pretty exciting that last few miles.  I love flying solo but will miss an extra set of eyes and ears when the traffic picks up.

Whether you’re heading that direction or not it’s addictive to listen to the live tower feed from OSH and hear what’s happening at the busiest airport in the world. It’s a little early to tune in but keep the link and listen during the week of AirVenture.

Live feed to OSH Ground/Tower/Approach

And for a sample of the amazing job the controllers at Fisk perform throughout the week, take a look at this video.

I also thought these next 5 short videos on EAA’s website of approaches and landing at OSH were well done and very helpful. They were shot last year during AirVenture in EAA’s Young Eagles GlaStar. For 1st timers through old timers, they’ll give you an opportunity to preview (or review) what you’re up for without the distraction of flying your airplane at the same time. Nice way to get familiar with the lay of the land and preview approach and even departure procedures.

Flying to Ripon

Ripon to Fisk

Fisk to Runway 9/27

Fisk to Runway 18/36

VFR Departure from Oshkosh

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