Alaine Olthafer-Lange (Wisconsin)

Alaine Olthafer-Lange is based at KPVB, Platteville Municipal Airport, Platteville, Wisconsin.

Alaine Olthafer

Alaine Olthafer

I attended Minnesota State University Mankato for a bachelors of science in aviation. Worked at Pilatus based in Broomfield, Colorado as a project manager, and about three years ago moved back to my hometown of Platteville, Wisconsin to start an aviation business with my husband Andy. My husband is an A&P and IA who keeps our training aircraft in great condition. I instruct primary students in a Cherokee 140, and also have a Piper Super Cruiser that we fly for fun and also offer tailwheel instruction in.


I love tailwheel flying and especially tailwheel instruction! You throw people in the front seat of that Cub and they’re usually hooked!

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