Aleksandra Bolek – Lapinska (Colorado)

Aleksandra Bolek – Lapinska lives in Englewood, Colorado and is based at KAPA, Centennial Airport, Denver, Colorado.

I moved to Colorado from Poland 6 months ago. I’m a private pilot since 2012 with 187 hours of flight time. I use to fly a lot around the Baltic sea, including long flights from Poland to Denmark over the sea. Now I’m living close to the mountains and I would love to try mountain and back-country flying. I’m holding a Poland Private Pilot license and also FAA license, which was issued based on my Poland one in 2013. I’m planning to start a tailwheel endorsement later this summer.

My dad used to own Wilga when I was a kid. He was taking me flying in it from time to time and I loved it 🙂

EASA Private Pilot License – SEP(L), MEP(L), VFR Night

Aircraft flown:
Cessna 150/152/172
MS 887 (Morane – Saulnier)
Piper Arrow
Tecnam P2006T

Dream Taildragger;  Aviat Husky, PZL 104 Wilga

If you love taildraggers, why?!  Short take-off and landing capabilities and they are just beautiful!!!


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