“All About Me” paraphrased is “What’s Up With Judy?!”

“What’s up?” is a question I’ve been hearing a lot lately. Some people know I recently made a life changing decision and, of course, they’re curious and want to know the details. I’m still trying to understand the details! If you don’t know me, let me start by explaining I don’t fly for a living. I am (was) a purchasing agent for a very successful interior design & architectural firm, a career that’s as far from aviation as you can get. I’ve actually been in the design field, in one capacity or another, my entire life. Seems like people are often surprised to hear I’m a run-of-the-mill, private pilot, albeit happily with an obsession for taildraggin’, and not a hot-shot career aviatrix. Oh baby, don’t I wish!

Since this post is about working, or lack thereof, I’m reposting this pix of former co-worker Tammy Sinclair’s first flight in a small plane. Tammy thought it was pretty awesome!

So “What’s up?” On a particularly aggravating day, sitting at my desk the morning of January 4, I decided I was done. Done working! After 32 years with the same company I was totally, completely, over it all. It was very weird. At 10 a.m., with a mess of work awaiting, I sat there thinking about life choices I’d made, opportunities I’d ignored, the speed life zips by, and I thought, I don’t have to do this anymore. This is my life, my one-and-only life, and I’m not going to be here forever. Oh boy, it was not a normal Wednesday morning for this conscientious, diligent, dedicated worker.  I stared into space a while then logged off my computer, stood up and walked out the door. I drove home. I didn’t answer my phone or messages, and I resigned the next day, effective immediately.

I know it sounds nuts but that’s it in a nutshell. I’m still reeling from the choice I made but I’m moving on and excited about what the future holds. I’m not looking back and I’m officially retired. Well, maybe about that. 🙂

So what’s next? Hey, it’s January and cold in the midwest! I immediately started searching for ultra cheap trips to anywhere warm & sunny, surrounded by water, and found the deal of a lifetime; a 10 day cruise to Aruba with a few other ports thrown in for fun. I’m convinced the cruise line felt my pain. When I completed the on-line check-in a few days ago I noticed they upgraded our cheap/sleep to a balcony cabin for free! 🙂 I asked women pilots to join me on this impromptu adventure and several tried their best to make it work. It’s a hard thing to pull off with little notice. One Rans S6 friend, Beth from Michigan, and I will be departing from Miami Friday. We’re both very excited!

We will see what the future brings. If I had to guess I’d say a different taildragger, more flying, more LadiesLoveTaildraggers and more adventure awaits. Thanks everyone for your concern and comments. Very much appreciated.

The Barnstormers ad for my Rans S7 expired in October.  I’ve relisted it. If you know anyone looking for a fine bird please let them know.

2 Years ago, molded plexiglass windshield, etc. tolerant of fuel spillings.

RANS S-7 COURIER 2003 LONGTAIL • $42,500 • AVAILABLE FOR SALE OR TRADE • Selling my S-7 Courier Longtail. 1174 Total time airframe and engine, 100 hp Rotax. Garmin Mode C Transponder, Fuel Totalizer, Kiev prop, EKP GeoPilot II GPS, ICom Transceiver, TruTrak Auto Pilot with Altitude Hold. 20.5 Gallon Fuel capacity including 2.5 gallon header tank. Gearbox inspection completed. Amazing climb rate that’ll get you in and out of short strips. Flown lots of cross-country time & lots of local hops. Great visibility for pilot and passenger. Judy’s email not available first 2 weeks February. Call Boyd at 317-418-6556. • Contact Judy Birchler, Owner – located Indianapolis, IN USA • Telephone: 317-506-2737 or Boyd at 317-418-6556 . • Posted January 24, 2017

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