Allison Wheaton (Indiana)

Allison Wheaton is based in Angola, Indiana.

Hi there, I grew up flying taildraggers & love love love that you’ve got a group together to share stories. 🙂  Those crusty boys get to have groups, nice that there’s one for us too. 🙂

Meet Allison Wheaton, poochie & Cub

My first solo was in a Super Cub, then my dad got a Cessna 170, which I loved dearly.  I received a grant from college which I used to buy fuel & my dog & I flew it across the country & back camping along the way.

After college I went down to FL for flight school in nosedraggers for a couple months then taught @ Brown’s Seaplane Base in Cubs on floats for a year & a half.

Then I went to Seattle & flew floats for Kenmore, taught in the Super Cub then flew the Beaver on the line, way fun.  Each spring I would return to help Brown’s during Sun n Fun, where I met my boyfriend & then moved to Fort Wayne.

Now I get to fly recreationally, which I really enjoy & do friends’ flight reviews, which usually provides some tasty payoffs. 🙂  We have a Maule which is on floats in the summer, wheels in the fall/early spring & skis in the winter (which is lasting longer than I’d like right about now…).  We also have a Cub that is on tundras in the summer & skis in the snow.

I’ve been very blessed to have aviation in my life & enjoying sharing it with others.  We do a lot of rides for Young Eagles & people in our community.  Good will goes a long way in combating airplane noise…

Aviation provides a wonderful perspective on the world that I think more people should see.  Especially when experienced from a classic (classy) taildragger. 🙂

Thanks, looking forward to reading more about other gals & hopefully getting together.
  • Andy Shane
    Posted at 09:41h, 25 March Reply

    Allison, you were one of the best instructors of my 42-year military and airline career. Really. And, there have been some awesome ones!

    I thought of you this week for two reasons: first, the untimely loss of your 2023 version, Faith Baker, at Lakeland. To be precise, Faith and her student were in the Piper that hit the Brown Cub head-on climbing out from where you and likely played on the water. Second, I was describing the scenario to Autumn Jacobs — I’ve know her since her birth — an aspiring CFI with whom I’m coordinating the first BFR I’ll need since 1978 since I no longer have that handy 777 simulator and stellar instructor to fill the square.

  • Alejandro
    Posted at 13:25h, 10 September Reply

    Hi Allison ,

    Great job with your Cub with tundra tires.
    Although most of the time I use my C-303 for long rides , every day I have the time I like to take my Cub to explore the mountains.
    All this in Chile…
    The reason why I found you is because I’m studying to replase the original tires by the Tundra one’s and I have been told the best size is 26 x 10,5 – 6
    I guess your has the sema tires.
    Any advice or coments you can give me regarding to the operation or perfomance of the aircraft with these tires.
    Thank you very much for your comments.
    All the best,

  • Jim Epting
    Posted at 07:31h, 31 March Reply

    Hi Allison, Good to find you and see you are still flying everything in sight, teaching floats and taildraggers, and of course, still looking great. It’s been a while since we flew at Brown’s but that was still the most fun ever in aeroplanes for me. My brother Bob says the same. OBTW he recently bought Kimrey Airport (7NC6) where he keeps his three cubs and 2 RVs, and he said to tell you to drop in anytime you’re back in that area. Best wishes always to you, Poochie, and yours. Jim Epting

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