Alyssa Cobb, Maryland

Alyssa is based at KFDK, Frederick Municipal Airport in Frederick, MD.

She owns a Cessna 170B and loves to fly taildraggers and go to grass strips! She just had her first child in July, so she is not flying very much at the moment.

Ratings: Commercial pilot single and multiengine; Seaplane (single); CFI, Tailwheel endorsement

Aircraft flown: Cessna 150/152, 170A/B, 172, 182; Piper Super Cub, Archer, Arrow, Aztec; Citabria, Decathlon

Dream taildragger: Cessna 170B!

Why I love taildraggers: I started flying with my dad in taildraggers off a grass strip behind our house! Taildraggers are true aviation for me. My dad rebuilt the Cessna 170B that I bought from him, and I met my husband through the airplane — he came to preheat the engine for me one winter day. So, it has many special memories with it, and I look forward to making memories with my son in it!

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