Amanda Marrot (Texas)

Amanda Marrot is based at KDWH, David Wayne Hooks Memorial Airport, Houston, Texas.

Amanda Marrot

Hi, I am Amanda. I am an Englishwoman in Tx. I hold a Commercial license, both Single and Multi engine plus Instrument. I have flown a Super Decathlon @ Harvey& Rhin Aviation and completed primary in a couple of IAC comps since discovering aerobatics last year.

Amanda Marrot Super Dec

Since then I have trained in a Pitts S2A and S2B, both here in Houston and in Arizona in preparation for flying my own little S1 (still not flown it – long story, long road). This is now what is on the horizon (who knows – it may even happen this week!).

Amanda bought a s1c. Been training with Budd Davisson.

Amanda training with Budd Davisson in Arizona in prep of flying her S1C (short fuselage, single place, flat wing Pitts, no upper wing ailerons)

For anyone interested in the Pitts I will be updating my experiences on my blog: http.//

Parachute on... Ready for my first ever aerobatics competition!

Parachute on… Ready for my first ever aerobatics competition!

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