Amber Phillips (Idaho)

Amber Phillips is based at KSZT, Sandpoint Airport, Sandpoint, Idaho.

I work at a little airport during the week as the Supply Chain Coordinator at Quest Aircraft and then work at various airports or a lake (on the Seaplane) on the weekends. Winter is wrenching on the planes on the side, while spring, summer, and fall I’m trying to soak up all my spare time in the air.

We are currently building a taildragger at the local North Idaho High School Aerospace Program here at the airport. We are hoping to test fly it this spring. Some of the info is on the website if you want to take a look.

Aircraft flown: 1946 Piper Cub Super Cruiser on Straight Floats. American Champion Citabria and Scout. Wag Aero (Like a Cub). Various Cessna Skyhawk’s, a Skywagon, a C170, Quest Kodiak, 1927 Waco 10, 1950 De Havilland Chipmunk and an Aero Commander.

Ratings: ASEL, ASES, Tailwheel, Airframe Mechanic

Favorite taildragger:  Do I have to choose?!?! The list is long… trust me!

All about taildragging: It’s back to basics! I love the history of aviation and stick and rudder flying seems more natural than some other options. I’ll fly most anything if given the chance, but if it’s easier to maintain and the instrument panel is not overly filled with bright flashy things, I can enjoy flying even more! I’ve never been a techy type person so flying these machines seems more relaxing… Not for the faint of heart of course.

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