Amy Reiss (Pennsylvania)

Amy K Reiss is based at KXLL, Allentown Queen City Municipal Airport, Allentown, Pennsylvania.

I am currently building hours for my commercial rating and working to finish up my Bachelor’s in Aeronautics by this fall. I first started flying January 29, 2017 and just got my IFR rating early December 2017. Aviation has opened my eyes to a whole new world. It has been a challenge working full-time, managing college classwork, and chipping away at my ratings, but it has taught me a lot; as a pilot and as a person.

I knew since I was little that I wanted to fly and it’s very rewarding to have a license from the FAA in my hands today. One of the many things that I love about the aviation world is that you never stop learning. I have gained so much knowledge already within a year and continue to each and every time I fly. I’m excited for what the future has in store.

I have an Instagram page (@aviator_amy23) that I use to help promote aviation and inspire others to follow their dreams. It’s very rewarding to be able to help others who are also very passionate about what I love.

Ratings: Private Pilot, IFR rating, and Commercial Rating (In Progress).

Aircraft flown: DA20, DA40, Cessna 150, Cessna 152, Cessna 172, and a T-6D Texan (I will continue training in the T-6 as soon as I get my tailwheel endorsement).

Dream taildragger: Honestly, there are too many taildraggers that I’d love to fly to just pick one! I would love to own a Piper Cub one day and offer tailwheel endorsements and PPL training in a Cub when I get my CFI.

Thoughts on taildragging: I am drawn to the old souls who soar the skies compared to the newer aircraft with all their advanced avionics. When I fly in a taildragger, I feel as though I am taking a flight back in time and enjoying the very beginning of the aviation world as if I was there.

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