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Kayleigh Bordner 816-2

Man-oh-man, I always hear how hard LadiesLoveTaildraggers’ scholarship winners work while they’re at Tailwheel Town, Sisters Airport, Oregon. They leave home a little nervous about getting their tailwheel endorsement or improving their skills in a stick & rudder master class, and they come home confident, polished pilots.

Kayleigh Bordner 816

I don’t know if you’ve noticed but they always look like they’re having a blast! Take Kayleigh Bordner for instance. She’s from Bringhurst, Indiana and recently won the Sarah Wilson LadiesLoveTaildraggers Stick & Rudder Master Class Scholarship. All those smiles don’t fool me though. She just climbed out of this C140 and something was making her sweat. 🙂  Here’s the inside scoop from Brian Lansburgh at Tailwheel Town.

Kayleigh Bordner C140 very closeup

I don’t know how you keep coming up with such winners! Kayleigh is great! We did her first flight today and really upped the ante, putting her into multiple landings and off to the dreaded irrigation pivot. Thursday she’ll make a Skydive with “Skydive Awesome”. Benny Benson, the owner of the airport, gave her his Jeep for a few days so she can do some exploring. We all had lunch today and had a great time at the Sisters Saloon!!!

Kayleigh Bordner C140 closeup

Kayleigh Bordner C140Another great day today. Kayleigh did slaloms, alternating sideslips at NOE, lots of spins and the Landing in a Turn. She also got to fly tight formation with a Turbine Thrush. I think tomorrow we’ll do the intro to Mountain Flying up in the Three Sisters. The day after that we’ll do The Dead Stick and formation flying with Jim Mateski’s PA12.

Brian Lansburgh

Tailwheel Town


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