Analysis: Tom and Elaine Huf

The world lost Elaine and Tom Huf on September 2, 2013, their bodies discovered 6 days later in the remains of their downed Cessna T-50. Tom and Elaine were on the return trip from Antique Airfield’s Blakesburg fly-in to their grass strip in Kingsley, Pennsylvania when the accident occurred. Two wonderful people and a beautiful, rare aircraft gone forever. tom_huf Thank you to Tom Bartman for forwarding the following article posted on There has been much speculation over the cause of the accident. I believe you’ll find Tom’s analysis, photographs and evaluation helpful in understanding the weather conditions the Huf’s were dealing with September 2. Tom Elaine Huff cessna_t50_n41759_inflightPer Tom: “I wrote this report on Tom and Elaine highlighting what I suspect was a microburst and showing radar data. Tom was a friend of the family and introduced my father to flying years ago.” Regards, Tom Bartman

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