Andrea McGilvray (Texas)

Andrea McGilvray is based at private grass strip about 10 minutes north (Medina TX) from TE90, Flying L Airport, Bandera, Texas.

I love to fly!

It started with a 2 seat Beaver ultralight in Canada. There you needed a minimum of 5 hrs. and I soloed at 4.5 hrs.

Andrea McGilvray 1st-ever-flight

I got my private license in 1987 in a Cessna 172. After I got my ultralight lisc, I dated my flight instructor and got to fly all kinds of airplanes. I also flew an Eipper MX2 – loved it, I pulled up to go over fences (BIG SMILES). Ted flew up north in Alberta so I got to experience that kind of night flying (no lights up there), and a Cessna 310 once off an uncontrolled airport at night into Calgary International. That was enlightening. Ya… the lights are a little bit further apart. This was all before I got my private lic.

Then we moved from Calgary/Didsbury Alberta to Pembroke Ontario where Ted taught flying and I got more time in different types. Got my private done in about a year and Ted (boyfriend) got a job up in Inuvik. Nooooo I did not go with him there. Burrrrrrr.

Inuvik, Canada

I moved to Ottawa Canada and got to fly a single seat Beaver ultralight on Lotus floats. The “How To” manual and check ride was 2 sheets of paper and playing with the airplane. Finally it was time to take off. Interesting thing is it was a tailwheel configuration but I had never had any dual in a tailwheel or float plane. There’s more to this story but the short part is I water-looped lots of times. Thanks to water, softer than dirt.

Andrea McGilvray beaver-ultralight

Then I left aviation for about 26 years. Ran out of $$ and no friends that flew. 2.5 years ago I ran into another person who has lots of airplanes and short version… I bought a J3 Kitten. Looks like a cub but is an ultralight. I got my tailwheel endorsement in a Champ. That also has some fun stories. How hard could this be?! Ya ok. Well once I had it figured out, I flew my Kitten and I have never had a close call. I at times can stick my hands/arms out and make it go up/down etc.

My goal is to buy an Acrosport 2. I hope it will happen very soon if the real estate gods will close a few of my listings. I’ll update (if possible)…

Aircraft Flown: Cessna 150,152,162,182,310, Stearman, 1 and 2 place Beaver ultralight, Eipper Ultralight, Kitten ultralight, Chinook ultralight, Hanglider that had a motor attached to get up off the ground, Champ, Citabria. I also have some flying time (no take off/landings) in a P51 2/3-scale replica (hope to fly it one day!), Luscombe and a OTW Meyers Biplane (one of the 1st trainers for ww2, replaced by the Stearman because it was too easy to fly.)

2/3 Scale replica P51

Dream Taildragger: Pitts

Thoughts on taildragging: They are not as easy and more of a challenge (than nosewheel) and they take me back in time to flying by the seat of your pants. AND the Bi-plane is my fascination of all airplanes and they are all Tailwheel!

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  • Andrea
    Posted at 14:13h, 10 June Reply

    A dream has come true! I have purchased my S1C Pitts!

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