Andrea Parker (Washington)

Andrea Parker is based at 1W1 Grove Field Airport, Camas, Washington and flies for Alaska Airlines.

Andrea Parker Me n the Cub

I started flying on my fifteenth birthday after my parents gave me a gift certificate for a few lessons to see if my constant talk of airplanes was “just a phase.” The rest is history…

Andrea Parker j3I’m thankful to have had my family and friends encouraging me over the years. It has been with their positive influence (and a lot of hard work) that my fifteenth birthday flight gave way to a career in aviation.

Andrea Parker flying j3 with Kim Sobiech

Andrea Parker flying j3 with Kim Sobiech

Even with all the everyday fun and challenges brought by big airplanes and instrument flying, a grassy landing in my very own J-3 is still my favorite escape.

Andrea Parker Very Pregnant

Andrea Parker w j3 Pretty field

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