Angela Leedy (New Jersey)

Angela Leedy is based at 12N, Aeroflex-Andover Airport, Andover, New Jersey.

Pre-solo in a J3

I am currently a student pilot learning to fly in a Piper J3. I  fly with one of the best Tailwheel instructors in the country, Mr. Damian DelGaizo from Andover Flight Academy.

Aeroflex-Andover Airport

He has been the most positive influence in all my training so far. He somehow manages to work through all my difficulties applying analogies so fitted to my personality that I am amazed at every flight we endeavor. Only a genuine caring instructor could pull that off. I am looking into buying his Top Cub which I hope to happen very soon as I also want to do my check ride in the Cub.

Me and Ariel Tweto from Flying Wild Alaska at Oshkosh 2011

  • Ian Campbell
    Posted at 20:26h, 07 July Reply

    Hi Angela,

    We said ‘hello’ to each other on Thursday afternoon at 12N. I didn’t realize you were the one who snatched up 164CC until Damien mentioned it after you left. I am so jealous! Best of luck with the plane and your flying!

    I have a Commander 115 which is great, but I am hoping there is a Super/Top Cub too in my future in the not too distant future. I am headed out to Idaho next week to do some mountain and canyon flying in a Super Cub – so much fun to fly.

    Best of luck with the plane and your flying!

    All the Best,
    Ian Campbell

  • Lisa Martin
    Posted at 10:21h, 08 February Reply

    Oh I love the looks of that little airport! Is that where you fly in and out of? What a wonderful instructor to have. I haven’t ordered yet, but keeping thinking his instructional videos would be a great addition to my aviation library. Ariel is sure cute. Watching her solo, though, my husband said, “You better not be that stupid when you’re in an airplane by yourself.” I would think that would discourage people from wanting to fly, but who knows…it’s all just tv drama. Real life is so much better.

    • Angela Leedy
      Posted at 21:02h, 20 February Reply

      Hi Lisa!
      Yes, I fly out of that airport. It is really pretty. I have been very lucky with my flight education so far. If you are ever in the area you really must take a lesson from Damian if you can. He also has a Stearman that he gives lessons in. I took a lesson in it and WOW….THAT was an amazing experience!!! If you and your husband are in the area look me up and I can introduce you to him (and myself).

      That was too funny about Ariel. I haven’t see this past season of Flying Wild Alaska yet. My dvr didn’t seem to record some episodes. She is a really sweet girl. I do think they play up her innocence for the show though. I am sure she is very bright.

      I highly recommend adding the Tailwheel DVD’s to your library. Trust me you won’t regret it. They are invaluable to me!

  • Meredith
    Posted at 07:00h, 08 February Reply

    Hi Angela! Looks like you are having a great time. My husband and I own a 1938 J-3 and will be flying it to AirVenture this summer via all lower 48 states. Maybe we’ll catch up with you there, or at least, pop in at 12N on our first leg north out of W42. Happy flying!

    • Angela Leedy
      Posted at 21:07h, 20 February Reply

      Hi Meridith!

      I really am having the time of my life. I was thinking about skipping Osh Kosh this year but I am meeting so many people in aviation that seem to meet up out there that I think I may end up going after all. We must say hello if that be the case. Let’s keep in touch!

      Either way, do pop in at 12N….but if you can give me a heads up so I can be sure to be there to greet you (although these days I practically live there).

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