Angie Carswell (Colorado)

Angie Carswell is based at KFNL, Northern Colorado Regional Airport, Fort Collins/Loveland, Colorado.

My passion for flying started at a young age. Encouraged by my dad’s career in aviation, I grew up immersed in all things that fly. My goal for flying is marrying my love for animal conservation and my passion for flight by becoming a wildlife pilot in Alaska. I love to be where it’s wild! There is nowhere else I would rather be than in the backcountry studying animals with a 185 on bush wheels!

Student Tailwheel primary pilot

Aircraft flown:
Beaver on floats
Supercub on floats
Citabria Explorer
Cessna 180
Cessna 185

Dream taildragger: Cessna 170B with bush wheels and a 210 hp

Thoughts on taildragging: I love tailwheel because it allows me to study animals in the wild! I can get in and out of backcountry strips with ease!

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