Ann Elsbach (California)

Ann Elsbach is based at Murray Field Airport (EKA) Eureka, California and Palo Alto Airport (PAO) Palo Alto, California.

I’m so happy to find you all!

I started flying in 1973 in a 1943 L-2 Taylorcraft. I bought my first airplane in 1974 in Elizabethtown, KY and flew it home to CA with a little under 100 hours in my logbook. With another 100 hours I would have realized what a crazy thing it was to undertake, however the trip was great fun. The aircraft had one working brake, a faulty compass, and what later turned out to be a cracked wing spar. But I made it back, and the wing spar was spliced right away. I learned a lot on that trip!

Since then I have flown about 12,000 hours, the majority in tailwheels. I got my CFI in 1976 and still love to instruct, especially in taildraggers!

My second plane was an F-19 Taylorcraft and my last was a ’54 C-180 which I bought in 1985 and sold two years ago. Such a loss!! To my surprise, I have instructed in 14 different makes of tailwheel aircraft with a total of 41 different models; I just counted it up a few days ago.
My current flying mission is to work with anyone in the US who is transitioning to tailwheels and needs to learn to fly his/her tailwheel competently/safely. I am happy to fly to wherever to fly whatever with whomever. 🙂 Such fun!
  • Herb Lingl
    Posted at 01:02h, 23 October Reply

    Interested in meeting Ann and learning more about her flight instruction services?

    Come to the Visions From Above event at the Petaluma Airport, in Sonoma County California (O69) Sat Oct 29 from 11am – 4pm.

    Ann will be speaking about flying the Luscome at 2:30pm.

    Additional details at and

  • Jan Johnson
    Posted at 11:26h, 20 July Reply

    Hi Ann!
    I just got checked out in the Citabria 7GCAA (725HE) with Joshua Smith at Advanced Flyers. He told me you were the GREATEST to fly with. So, we need to go flying together, next time you come to Palo Alto.

    I learned to fly taildraggers at Amelia Reid’s school (AeroDynamic Aviation) in January 2010. Loving every minute of flying by the seat of my pants, like Amelia taught her students.

    Give me a call next time you are down this way. I want to go flying!!

    Jan Johnson

  • Ann Elsbach
    Posted at 16:58h, 12 February Reply

    I neglected to let you all know that I have two websites, one under construction ( and one which features an ongoing blog with flying stories, piloting tips, and safety information. Check it out at ( and give me feedback through laddieslovetaildraggers. I had to close my comments availability on the website because I got at least 10 spam comments a day and sometimes many more. ACK! Blue skies!

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