Annabel McSpadden (Virginia)

Annabel McSpadden is based at KFDK, Frederick Municipal Airport, Frederick, Maryland.

Cub Solo!

I am a recent college graduate from William & Mary. My dad is my CFI, and last week I soloed in our Super Cub! In August I will start graduate school for counseling psychology. My dream is to complete my PhD and work as a counselor. I also hope to be a CFI part-time, encouraging other women to fly as I have been encouraged. My dad sent me information on LLTD from Oshkosh, and I couldn’t wait to apply!

Ratings: Student pilot

Aircraft Flown: Super Cub

Dream taildragger: A Super Cub!

Thoughts on taildragging: When my friends ask about taildraggers, I describe them as the mountain bikes of the aviation world. I love the backcountry culture, and the camaraderie among this niche group of pilots.

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