Annelie J Hubinette (California)

Annelie J Hubinette is based at KWHP, Whiteman Airport, Los Angeles, California.

School Bus Driving, homeschooling, part-time aviation student at Glendale Community College, CA, and pro per lawyer.

I obtained my PPL through much endurance and support from many people and organizations who generously stood by me and my family.

I long to fly full-time but am plodding along at a snails pace…

Dream of flying for a “greater cause” such as with Missionary Aviation Fellowship, but the road seems very long and hard since I would need my A&P, my own airplane and several years worth of experience… maybe, just maybe…

Also focusing on Emergency Maneuver and aerobatic flying since I’m a big proponent of the basics of flight – much like Rod Machado thinks. I had a pre-solo CFI go down in a spin accident. I want to train the snot out of fear out of myself and all my future students whom I will train.

Ratings: PPL

Aircraft flown: Cessna 172 (N, R)

Dream taildragger: A classic Cessna 120 :)   Just saw a 1946 taildragger on Trade-a-Plane and fell head over heels in love! lol . Love at first sight!

Thoughts on taildragging: Looks so much fun, and I love all the classy old classic planes. Looking forward to passing on my new adventures to my fellow 99s and future students!

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