Antique Airfield, Iowa vs. Triple Tree Aerodrome, South Carolina

Silly me, I don’t have to choose!! I’ve been busy filling my ‘fly-in’ dance card for spring, summer & fall 2016 and JUST realized I can do both. Two weekends – two great fly-ins back to back. They are both fabulous grassroots, my kind of flying events, one of which I have never been to. I am thrilled to learn that if I can save up enough PTO work time, I can hit them both!!

I’ll be spanning the central and eastern U.S. to accomplish it but Antique Airfield’s Blakesburg, Iowa fly-in and the famous Triple Tree Aerodrome South Carolina Fly-in are not the same weekend. I’ve never been to Triple Tree and can’t wait to roll my wheels on their 7000′ foot, golf course quality grass runway. 🙂

Weekend #1  Antique Airfield’s Blakesburg, Iowa Fly-in 2016 Fly-In Dates: August 31 – September 5, 2016. Blakesburg I’ve been to!

Showing off Thomas Edmundson's artwork at Blakesburg.

Showing off Gail Schipper & me in Thomas Edmundson’s artwork at Blakesburg.

Weekend #2 Triple Tree Aerodrome Fly-In Dates: Sept. 7 -11, 2016

Triple Tree Aerodrome, SC

Triple Tree Aerodrome, SC

Triple Tree

Let’s have some fun and get together at both! Chime in if you’re heading to either one. 🙂


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