AOPA @ Tullahoma, Lady Taildragger Pilots

Say “YEA” if you think these ladies had a great time at AOPA’s Tullahoma Tennessee Regional Fly-in. Sharon Tinker is based at KTHA and was on a mission to meet and greet as many lady taildragger pilots as she could find. Her spirit of adventure and focus on introducing LadiesLoveTaildraggers to as many taildraggin’ gals as possible is awesome! Thanks for sharing your day at AOPA Tullahoma with us all Sharon.

Natalie Sutton & Sharon Tinkler

Natalie Sutton & Sharon Tinkler

I met Natalie Sutton in August at Antique Airfield along with her Dad and his Luscombe. He is teaching her to fly it at Shelby County Airport just south of Birmingham AL (KEET). She is edgy and awesome and I am crazy about her 🙂 She was at the AOPA fly-in with girlfriend Elizabeth and they had made a huge effort to attend this fly-in. Natalie arrived in time to catch Catherine Cavagnaro’s  Spin Training seminar then also attended an excellent talk on flying at night by Adrian Eichhorn.


The take away on Adrian’s talk- read the AFD before the flight and keep it handy or you will REALLY wish you had. Same thing for the comments section of the destination approach plates. That’s where all the good stuff is  🙂  Like separate frequencies for the lights, for a start.

Sharon Tinkler AOPA Tulhoma2

Alice Johnson with Sharon

I met Alice Johnson at the AOPA pancake breakfast. Based at John Tune Airport outside of Nashville, she has time in a Champ and an MX2. The MX2 is the plane that her US Aerobatic Team husband flies. She is a very engaged member of this aviation life.

Sharon Tinkler AOPA Tulhoma

Sharon & Marci Lyn Veronie

Marci is VP Sales and Marketing at Avemco, based at KFDK, Frederick, MD. She is 4 hours into her Cub training, but thought that she had to wait for the license in order to qualify for LadiesLoveTaildraggers. She follows us and recognized my t-shirt 🙂  I told her “Heck No” she is qualified right now.

Sharon Tinkler and Terry Bachelor

Sharon Tinkler and Terry Bachelor

My first and only LLT t-shirt sighting came at the very end of the day when I spotted Terry Bachelor. Terry is from Gadsten, AL, and is learning to fly in a Super Decathlon. She has her sights set on aerobatics, but has been told she just has to finish that PPSEL first 🙂 Delightful lady!

Catherine Cavagnaro & Catherine

Catherine Cavagnaro & Sharon

Of course, no flying day is complete without my mandatory selfie with Catherine Cavagnaro – here to teach her Spin Training course in a 1 hour presentation. Catherine operates ACE Aerobatic School at the Sewanee-Franklin County Airport (KUOS). ‘Catherine Cavagnaro is Chief (and only) Flight Instructor. She holds Airline Transport Pilot and CFI-I certificates as well as a Ph.D. in mathematics. Her trusty 1979 Cessna Aerobat “Wilbur” provides a wonderful platform for spins and aerobatics.’

And for anyone who notices my black eye in the pictures, here’s the true story is. The day before the AOPA fly-in, I was running toward my plane and my dogs Capn Eddie and Angel decided to meet up in front of me – I fell over them onto the concrete ramp. You can see where I landed 🙁





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