Arlene Farrell (New Jersey)

Arlene Farrell is based at C01 Southern Cross Airport, Williamstown, New Jersey.

Champ fun!

Arlene Farrell & her 7AC Champ

I got my pilots license 11 years ago.  My Dad had an Aeronca Champ when I was around 11 years old.  Soon after he decided to tear it apart and recover it.  Well, it sat in our garage ever since.  In 1993, a friend of mine said he would recover it.  He lived in Fla. so we trailered there.  Two years later he passed away, so we went and brought it back to N.J. Another year passed until we found someone else to recover it.  It was finished in late 2000.

 N84292, 1946 7AC Champ

Then came trying to find someone to teach me how to fly it.  Early 2001 I started my training.  Then we were grounded by 9/11.  Finally in Aug. 2006 I got my license.  It was well worth the wait.  I had a lot of my training in a 172.  There is nothing like a taildragger for the fun of pure flying.  Everytime I go up I can’t help but smile.

Arlene Farrell

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