Arty Trost (Oregon)

Arty Trost is based at O3S, Sandy River Airport, Sandy, Oregon.

Arty Trost with Maxair Drifter

I’ve been flying a taildragger for 22 years – first a Maxair Drifter and now a Sportflight Talon. Both are open cockpit, registered Light Sport Aircraft. I do a lot of long distance flying and am often landing off-field. Taildraggers have a lot of advantages when landing in pastures, on sand bars, or anywhere that isn’t asphalt or trimmed turf.

Beginning in 2000, every year I’ve made a multi-week, multi-thousand mile flight. Most of the flights were west of the Mississippi. Then in 2009 I flew my Drifter to Sun n Fun – a 7 week flight that covered over 7500 miles.

Arty’s 2009 flight to Sun N’Fun

It was absolutely fabulous! In 2011 I flew my Talon to Oshkosh. I blogged nightly, and you can read my blogs at and

I haven’t decided where my 2013 flight will take me – deciding is part of the fun.

Arty Trost in Talon

I’m looking forward to being part of this group.

Arty Trost

a.k.a. The Wandering Wench

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