Ashley Kosturock (Mississippi)

Ashley Kosturock is based at MS82, Shade Tree Airport, Gulfport, Mississippi.

I am a Graduate student at Mississippi State University, working towards my Masters in Aerospace Engineering. As an undergraduate student I was privileged with a UAV Pilot job, flying for the school before it became the Center of Excellence for the FAA.

I learned to fly at Shade Tree Airport, the best grass strip around. All of my hours until solo were in an experimental Piper Cub. My dream is to become a Flight Test Engineer and eventually run a floatplane charter company on the MS Gulf Coast!

Why I Love Taildraggers: There’s nothing like nailing a 3-point landing. You always have to be alert on take-off and landing, which adds more adrenaline. It takes a certain skill set to fly tail-wheel, but it takes a proficient pilot to land one! 🙂

Ratings: PPL

Aircraft Flown:
J-3 Piper Cub
Aeronca Champ 7AC
Diamond DA-20
Diamond DA-40
Nanchang CJ-6
PA-22 Piper Colt
DH82C Tigermoth
PA-22 Piper Tripacer
BE-19 Musketeer
Cessna 172
C-130J Simulator(Keesler Air Force Base)
T-6 Texan II Simulator(Pensacola Naval Air Station)
8KCAB Decathlon
Starduster Too SA300
T-6 Texan I

Dream Taildragger:  A Gee Bee. They are just so darn cute!!


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