Back home in Indiana!

Good news! My Rans S7 is finally in Indy and tucked into its new hangar!! I’m happy as I can be today but you may not have recognized me yesterday, the day I figured out how to fly it and brought it home. It was one incredible roller coaster of emotion day; elation…. anticipation… anxiety… excitement… nervousness… and that’s just the beginning! Oh the joys of airplane ownership.

Even though I was hoping for blue skies and warm temperatures for my “figure out how to fly it and get it home day”, Manoquia, Wisconsin was cold, had a dusting of snow and low ceilings in the morning. I started out taxiing it around and all I can say is, visualize a big ol’ shopping cart taxiing around and toe brakes instead of a rudder . It’s got 6 little wheels and they wanted to slide across the dusting of snow and weren’t always interested in heading the direction I wanted to go.

Fuel stop at DeKalb, IL on way to Indy. "That guy sure nailed the landing", comment made by a couple guys on the ramp before they saw a woman get out of it. Of course I got a kick out of hearing about that one! Â 🙂

The first couple of landings I had an overwhelming urge to pull the power, flare and do a full stall landing and that’s a bad idea. By the third landing I was figuring it out – left some power on and flew it in flat and raised the nose ever so slightly right before touching.  Amazing – it worked! I did a few more touch & goes getting a better feel for how it flies and waited for the ceiling to come up to 1,000 agl. By noon I was off and on my way for my 500 mile southbound trip home.

I was trying to get a picture of the float and wheel near Kankakee

I flew out of the low overcast somewhere around Wausau and had a little tailwind to boot. I had to stay low that first leg of the trip but was happy to climb a little higher when the weather started clearing further south. At least I was happy till a cloud layer decided to form at 2,000′ agl and the updrafts and down drafts started picking up. Talk about getting beat to heck, I had a good couple hours where I was hoping those boats hanging underneath me (make that floats) were hanging on there tight cause I was sure getting tossed around and didn’t want to lose them on the way. Luckily, the bumps eventually eased up and my new little buddy and I got to spend some quality time together over the flat farm lands of Indiana.


  • Gwen White
    Posted at 11:03h, 22 March Reply

    Congratulation on your new addition!

  • Gayle
    Posted at 22:02h, 14 March Reply

    Been waiting all day to see if you made it home okay! So glad you and your new girl are safe and sound!

  • Grant Dixon
    Posted at 21:09h, 14 March Reply

    Hi Judy,
    I’m very excited for you and your new airplane. Glad you got home safe and the weather was not any worse. Will you be switching from floats to tailwheel config and is it a major ordeal? I’ll be taking pictures again at the LLT fly-in so I look forward to seeing you and your new “ray of sunshine” at Moraine in August.


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