Back home in Montana

I finally got to meet Lisa Martin from Montana at Smiley Creek and can tell you her Super Cub looks just as fine in person as it does in her pictures. Lisa turned out to be a soft spoken, beautiful and very sweet little gal that was up at the crack of dawn every morning ready to fly that taildragger!

Lisa's got the coolest stainless steel marshmallow skewers you've ever seen - made by her husband!

Note to Lisa: It was a pleasure to meet you. You sent these pictures in a couple weeks ago and I’m sorry it’s taken a little time to get them up. No worry though, they are beautiful shots, especially the amazing one taking off in the driveway with the mountains in the background! Please leave a comment and tell us more about “Jerry’s first solo”?


Finally made it to my old home (Cut Bank, MT) to visit my husband’s family. They have a cattle ranch right on the US / Canadian border east of Glacier Park.

Great Fallc

It’s about 380 m each way. A nice morning flight in calm, cool, stable air Saturday morning. We landed on the driveway of the family ranch my husband grew up on and got to pull the Cub right up to the front door beside the pick ups for overnight parking!

Front door parking

Jerry's first solo and lic pilot

Lift Off!

We messed around a little too much on the way home. Stopping in to visit several of our Montana friends and then lit in Columbus, MT for lunch at about 1:30. IT’s only about a 1/2 m walk to the nearest restaurant.

Columbus, MT for lunch

It was hot there! About 95* and the run-off was really flowing down the Yellowstone River. Clouds were starting to build by the time we took off again, so we made a bee line for home.

Unfortunately, it wasn't the last or the biggest gust

A dry micorburst system reigned terror on our hometown Sunday afternoon. I’m extrememly thankful that our Cub was not in our hanger when a gust tore off the west wall!

Lisa Martin

  • Gail
    Posted at 20:03h, 24 July Reply

    It’s hard to imagine you chubby in any way, Lisa! But I do like chutzpah of the 7 months pregnant and doing a first solo. It was great to fly with you in MT.

  • Lisa Martin
    Posted at 17:53h, 24 July Reply

    That’s me in the “Jerry’s first solo” picture hanging on the wall in Shelby, MT. I jumped right in when he got his instructor rating (after years of spraying…he was a very good and experienced in real flying instructor). I was 5 months pregnant with my first son, Ray (who is going to be 22 next month), when I soloed and 7 months in the bottom pic when I officially was papered “Private Pilot”. That’s why my face was chubby. Could you tell?

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