‘Bed, Breakfast & Beyond’, a Travel Registry for Aviators

Welcome to “Bed, Breakfast & Beyond for Aviators“, the LadiesLoveTaildraggers’ travel registry for pilots. Pilots are the friendliest, most interesting people on the planet and usually enjoy meeting fellow aviators, swapping stories and making new flying friends. This registry connects local pilots at their home airports to aviators flying cross-country. Many host pilots are happy to open their homes for a free overnight stay, provide transportation, share a meal or show off local sights. This registry includes both women and men host pilots. Pilots planning cross-country flights, please use this resource! Contact the host by email or phone giving as much advance notice as possible. 

If you are interested in being a host, you have options:

#1 Invite pilots flying near your airport (possibly with passengers) into your home for free overnight accommodations
#2 Connect with pilots planning to arrive at your airport and volunteer your services; show off interesting nearby sights, share a restaurant meal, suggest nearby hotels & motels. There’s no limit to the adventures that await – you decide.

My goal is to connect fellow aviators and make cross-country flying less expensive, always interesting, and more fun than ever. Some pilots may be passing through quickly, just needing a bed for the night. Others may be stopping for lunch or want to linger and explore the sights. The goal is for pilots to meet and greet, and for transient pilots to find a welcoming new friend on the ground.

If hosting when your schedule allows sounds like fun, and you would like to participate, please complete the following application form. Hosts appear as a marker on our ‘Bed, Breakfast & Beyond for Aviators’ Google Map. Home addresses are not published however airport IDs, emails and phone numbers are. (Host pilots have the opportunity to name specific groups they would like to host; i.e. females only, taildragger pilots only, etc. when registering and may always decline when contacted.) As a host, it is important you feel comfortable with the aviator(s) you will be hosting. Please ask appropriate questions of your potential visitor so you feel comfortable welcoming them into your home.

Each colored marker on our map is the home airport of a pilot wanting to meet fellow aviators as they travel cross-country. This registry is not exclusively ‘taildragger’ or ‘women only’. Pink markers are women pilots, blue markers are men pilots.

Click on each marker for details and contact information. Zoom in for close up images of home airports.

If you would like to be added to the Google Map, please complete the following registration. You will be emailed a confirmation and link to the ‘Bed, Breakfast & Beyond for Aviators’ Google Map including your newly created Google marker. You will have access to edit or even remove your marker at any time.

Aviators Bed, Breakfast & Beyond
Home Address

Section I: Hosting Pilots In Your Home. If you would like the opportunity to host fellow pilots overnight in your home, please complete this section.

If you would like to meet fellow pilots passing through your area, but not host them overnight, you will be forwarded to Section II.
You are in full control and may accept or decline each individual request.

Section II: Entertaining/Assisting Pilots other than in your home. Meet new pilots arriving at your airport and volunteer your services; show off interesting nearby sights, share a restaurant meal, suggest nearby hotels & motels. There's no limit to the adventures that await - you decide.

Section III. Feedback

Please Submit. Allow 72 hours for review. If your application is approved, a marker will be placed on our 'Aviators Bed, Breakfast & Beyond' Google Map indicting your airport location and the details you provided. You will receive an email with a link to the Map once your marker is live.

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