Beech’s everywhere!

You bet Beech’s are everywhere, we’re at Beech Party 2014. Staggerwings, Beech 18s, Travel Airs, and more V-tails, Dukes and Debonairs than you’ve ever seen in one spot.



It’s not all about the planes though, it’s about meeting new people – new pilots. Thank you to whoever suggested photographing all the lady pilots. We got a kick out of posing in front of Staggerwing #1 for a quick ladies’ shot.


Today I met Esther Mahoney who is one of 10 children (6 sisters and 3 brothers!) and is volunteering at Beech Party. Look out for this future aviatrix, a member of the Civil Air Patrol and avid reader of aviation non-fiction, especially about women. She’s pictured in front of Julie Clark’s T-34 Mentor but I’m guessing she’ll be posing from the inside of a hot little flying machine one of these days.


There’s a tremendous connection to Louise Thaden at Beechcraft. If you come to the museum, plan on spending some time in the Louise Thaden exhibit which highlights her award winning flying career.


Christine St. Onge from Pennsylvania owns this gorgeous Staggerwing Beech, not currently flying. She logged 1,700 hours in it before deciding it was time for a full restoration. Work currently in progress. Christine will be joining LadiesLoveTaildraggers soon so check back for her story. What inspires a woman to own, fly, maintain ….. and even give instruction in her amazing 1936 C17B?


Beech 18 lover? You really should be here!

IMG_7618-0.JPGBeech Party may be about Beech aircraft but we managed to find ladies with additional loves as well. We met lady taildragger pilot Konnie Sasser who sold her Citabira 2 years ago but told me she has a sister, Joy, in Texas who instructs exclusively in taildraggers. Joy, where are you?!!


Beech Party is NOT your average airplane flyin. When the Dukes fly in and line up on the closed taxiway to tie down, you know there’s some high rollers hopping out of ’em. It’s a whole different world than Super Cubs, Cessna 120s and Champs. But aviation is NOT a one stop shop and some people just live a different version of it. There may be huge differences in the equipment on display here but the passion for flying is unquestionably the same. Aviation is aviation. Big Bucks, Small Bucks, No Bucks.


So glad I came!

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