Beena, another lady who loves taildraggers!

It’s hard not to love a taildragger! Stephanie Belser sent in this fun update from her new home in Farmington, Missouri.

This morning, my friend Vonne Karraker and I flew down to the Airways Cafe at KDXE for breakfast.   Her aunt Augusta (nicknamed “Beena”) lives about thirty miles east, she drove over to meet us for breakfast.

Stephanie & Beena

After we ate, we walked around the ramp and looked at the many airplanes that had flown in.  Beena had never seen any airplanes up close, she was fascinated. Vonne and I talked her into sitting in my Stinson.  In the photo, she is looking at (and waving to) her niece.

Meet Beena!

Then I said: “Let’s go for a ride” and began helping her with the seatbelt and shoulder harness.  She was kind of hesitant a first, then I said “we’ll just go up over Dexter and come back.”

So we did.  Beena had a hand clamped onto my thigh for the hop. When we landed and shut down, I helped her get out of the airplane and she was dancing across the ramp in excitement. She was so happy that even a few hours later, it gladdens my soul to think of it.  Other people were coming up to her and congratulating her on her first flight.

Beena is now another lady who loves taildraggers.

Stephanie Belser

KFAM, Farmington, Missouri

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  • Allison
    Posted at 10:44h, 01 July Reply

    I drive a nose dragger, C150 but any time someone can fly it’s a good thing.

    Great to see others getting that experience.


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