Best Bean Bust Fly-in!


Hope you got your fair share of flying in this weekend, just like me. Boyd and I decided to go “prepared” for the fly-in de jour, Bob’s Barnstorming Bean Bust fly-in at Willis Field. We dug around the house, looked in all the nooks and crannies and finally found that special little green and white bottle – Beano! YES, it’s going to be a good day for a Ham & Beans, plane & pilots fly-in!


Oh my, it doesn’t get much better than beans & ham that’ve been cooking over an open fire for hours with lots & lots of  homemade cornbread and desserts waiting in the wings.

Willis Field ….. every pilot’s dream airstrip

This privately owned grass strip is a beauty and showed no signs of the deluge of rain they got the day before. Just look at that gorgeous blue sky.

I met 15 year old Stephanie Moloney at the fly-in and she wasn’t too sure about the whole beans & ham thing. She debated a while but that first bite put her fears to rest – she loved it!

This grass strip has a beautiful little park about 1/3 of the way down 27 which made it ideal for landing and practically coasting right up to the fire.

Turns out that Stephanie was anxious to get an airplane ride and I was happy to show her what a Rans S7 and flying were all about.

Even though there was a nice little breeze, Stephanie was fearless and what little bumps there were just made her happier.

We turned it into a girls flying day!

I hollered out the door of the Rans “Anybody want a ride?” and  Lisa Grant took me up on it. She & her husband Mark co-hosted the flyin with the Willis family and she’s a fun girl. Lisa works for Indy Jet Service at Indy Regional Airport and during Super Bowl 2012 she worked on the line parking more multi-million $$ aircraft than that airport’s ever seen before. While we were flying she kept me entertained with the secrets of parking all the big boy’s and girl’s G4’s & G5’s. Too funny!

Please people, pilots and pilot’s to be, don’t waste your life away. If you’re not currently flying and want to, make it happen! You have the power.

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